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More than half of Ukraine's children are displaced. 
Only kids who’ve experienced it first-hand can understand what's in store for Ukrainian kids. Our little Syrian refugees earnestly pray for Ukraine, as they themselves begin to feel the effects of higher prices for gas and heating fuel. Even more devastating, 80% of the grain in Lebanon, still home to millions of refugees, was provided by Ukraine. There are unintended consequences of this senseless war, even more refugees will go hungry; not just Ukrainians.


I’ve seen a lot of  tragedy and heroism on the front lines the last few weeks. Humanity is stepping up to the plate, it's very moving to see what average, everyday people are doing to help. This is typical of most churches near the border crossings - they have transitioned sanctuaries into hostels for families fleeing conflict.


We are targeting our response along the borders of Poland and Moldova; working with partners to provide logistics and transportation from border areas to safe places of refuge, including emergency food, medicine, and supplies.


Here's what we worked on this month:

  • Shipped one million meals 

  • Shipped a 40' container of emergency supplies 

  • Purchase of $12,000 in local supplies

  • Shipped pallets of medicine for Ukraine hospitals

  • Locally sourced $25,000 in medicine for hospitals inside Ukraine

  • Semi-trucks of food and emergency supplies for internally displaced people in Western Ukraine

  • Fuel and transportation costs for people and supplies

  • Utility expenses to help churches and schools keep the lights and heat going

Unbelievable this all came together in the first few days! Watch this brief conversation with our Poland partners operating the warehouse that is distributing supplies.


By far, our largest project this month is negotiating with multiple stakeholders to set up a 100-bed field hospital in Poland; a major project the size of a football field. Here's a photo of what it could look like if we are successful.


I'm thankful for our dedicated network of partners and the diplomats and ambassadors who have helped us navigate European Union and government requirements. I'm thankful for each donor who makes it possible for us to respond. Thank you!
If you or your communities have the ability to help, or you know companies or organizations who might be willing to sponsor some of our larger projects, please share our work.

  • I pray for the people of Ukraine.

  • I pray for children gripping their mother’s hands with fearful eyes, understanding something is wrong, but without full knowledge of the impending danger.

  • I pray for grandmothers crowded on buses and trains clinging to a few possessions; leaving behind all they’ve ever known. 

  • I pray for exhausted mom’s trying to keep toddlers and kids walking, sometimes up to 10 miles in the bitter winter weather. 

  • I pray for the crippled and sick making their way to the borders; relying on the generosity of others to get them across. 

  • I pray for the fathers, brothers and sons left behind to defend a country while the world watches as life after life is sacrificed for freedom. 

  • I pray for politicians and governments to find a diplomatic way to end this violence. 

  • I pray for law enforcement and first responders at every border; many of whom I’ve seen break down in tears. 

  • I pray for the truck drivers and bus drivers who put their lives on the line to get supplies in and people out. 

  • I pray for the front-line, everyday people working tirelessly to help.½  

  • I Pray for Ukraine. 

  • I Pray for peace.

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