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Ukraine Relief Project Update

Update: May 30, 2022

These have been extremely busy days- for all of us.

Thank you to each one of you who have gone the extra mile and worked tirelessly moving, sorting, packing and moving again. Thank you to all those who have purchased. made or found some incredible gifts to the warehouse and other collection points.

Updated News:

1. North Okanagan Valley Gleaners shipment of dried food has arrived and is being distributed.
2. Fraser Valley Gleaners dehydrated soup mix container should arrive soon.
3. The 1st medical field hospital load has been shipped.

4. A second container of medical and building supplies has been shipped.
5. Soap for Hope Canada has gathered and sorted and is storing extra donations until we can send them out. Again your generosity is incredibly
6. CRW warehouse (s) are filled and overflowing.

7. A container of dried food from Ontario Gleaners has been shipped.

We are busy sorting and packing- and have start to prepack preinventoried pallets that we can store off site until we have our bookings for future loads. If you have extra pallet storage, we would appreciate hearing from you.

8. CRW will be sending a container directly to Moldova to assist with general supplies. Again- waiting for a booking.
9. Salvation Army has been incredibly gracious and has stored all the overflow clothing bags that came in. Some of their members have started sorting for us. This will be a major push for awhile as we seek to process, pack and store offsite, so we can give them their space back.
10. Several trucking firms have graciously provided free transport - Diamond Delivery, Comox Trucking and Coast Distributors. This is more than generous as these are very busy trucking companies. We cannot take advantage of them, so please do not take your donations directly to them and expect them too deliver for you.

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness and generous response of so many people. You have far exceeded any thought or expectation! We are incredibly grateful- and I know that those who are waiting to receive your gifts, are so grateful. We will keep working and process and packing and sending.

Please be patient with CRW as we work through the mountains of bags and boxes. We are trying now to only bring it what we specifically are needing to complete the next loads. All the "extras" will be asked to wait a little longer before you can bring them in.

Specifically we still need

  • First aid supplies, polysporin, burn cream

  • crutches, canes, braces and supports

  • art supplies for trauma counselling

  • school, supplies to assist children going back to school

  • reusable water bottles and travel mugs

  • cutlery and large kitchen utensils

  • baby diaper cream, lotion

  • sewing notions

  • work gloves

  • baby onzies and sleepers

  • sleeping bags and mats

Together, we,  have and continue to show our immense concern and compassion for those affected by this Ukraine crisis, and our support for all those who are trying to assist and care for them in neighbouring countries. 
Thank you for your partnership.

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